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‘The Verdict of the August War’ Shown in 4 European Countries
Date:: 2011-12-29
Clip description
Studio Re documentary film – ‘The Verdict of the August War’ has been shown in 4 European countries in mid-December.  Film Director Mamuka Kuparadze presented the film six times in four European countries.  The idea of European tour of the documentary appeared after ‘The Verdict of the August War’ was shown at Vienna human rights film festival.  The documentary that has not yet been shown by Georgian national broadcasters has been specially discussed at the Human World Festival after it was shown.  Documentary film specialists and human rights activists along with the film also spoke about the conflicts in Georgia. 

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Date: 2011-12-29

   ‘The Verdict of the August War’ Shown in 4 European Countries
Date: 2011-12-29

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